15 Pickle Rick Tattoos To Tickle Your Giggle Dick

The first thing you’re probably thinking is that I’ve been watching far too many Jenna Marbles videos, and you would be right. However, now that I think about it, does she even say giggle dick that often anymore?

Anyway, I digress, we’re all here to get our Rick and Morty fix in the form of some Pickle Rick tattoos, so let’s get to it.



Just when you thought Rick and Morty couldn’t be any more ridiculous, they created Pickle Rick. Haven’t you had a commitment, appointment or event that you would do anything to squirm your way out of? I think we can all relate to Rick Sanchez on some level.

It’s exciting to live vicariously through Rick, regardless of him being a fictional character. For 20-odd minutes, we immerse ourselves in the world of Rick and Morty, experiencing a roller coaster of emotions;  for some, it’s motivation to get some new ink.

Dozens of Rick and Morty themed tattoos are being posted online each day, however the current craze is all things Pickle Rick.The first Pickle Rick tattoo was produced even before the actual Pickle Rick episode aired. Sticky Pop (aka Matt Daniels) tattooed a Pickle Rick piece on May 10, and they now number in their hundreds.

From the humble pickle, to Rick in his full rat-pickle hybrid form, these tattoos are sure to tickle your giggle dick.