15 Lovely Lemur Tattoos


Move it, move it to your local tattoo shop for a lemur tattoo!

When the animated film Madagascar was released back in 2005 I think the entire world fell in love with lemurs, as did tattoo collectors.

Madagascar isn’t just the name of the film, but it’s the island nation and home to all 100 species of lemurs. The mouse lemur is the smallest of all lemur species, weighing in at a minuscule 1.1 ounce. However, 2000 years ago there were species of lemurs as large as gorillas.

Lemurs are considered the world’s most endangered mammal, and, like with most animals, humans are responsible for their rapidly declining numbers. Soon all that might be left of lemurs are these tattoos…


Dean Kalcoff

Frederick Bain

Jose Curcho

Julian Frogon

Kristian Kimonides

Lucas Carvalho Moraes

Nico Diaz

Paco Cachadas

Robert Valley

Sam Reilly

Sam Rulz

Piotr Gie

Craig Gardyan

Sean Duffy

Ashley Luka


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