15 Frisky Feline Tattoos


This one’s for all the past, present and future crazy cat ladies (and men) out there. The dog’s have had their time to shine, but now our feline friends are taking over the blog!

Just like with any animal, you can choose any tattoo style for your cat tattoo – and just about every style you can think of is represented here.

Stop what you’re doing right meow and check out these a-meow-zing pieces.



Double-headed siamese cat head watercolour tattoo by Mara Koekoek.



Incredible colour realism sphynx cat tattoo by Pepa Heller.



A trio of kitty portraits by Eddy Lou.



Origami cat tattoo by Sophie C’est la Vie



Witchy cat brewing a potion. Tattoo by Teresa Sharpe.



Pair of pet cat portraits by Megan Massacre.



CCL 4 Life. Tattoo by Clare Clarity.



Hippie kitty by Kim Saigh.



Hipster cat tattoo by Tom Wagstaff.



Geometric cat tattoo by Karl Marks.



Traditional cat tattoo by Chris Jenko.



Ink splatter watercolour cat tattoo by Florencia Gonzalez Tizon.





Monmon cat Japanese back piece by Horitomo.



Neo trad cat tattoo by Fruduva.



One for all the crazy cat ladies. Tattoo by Alayna Magnan.

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