15 Cheeky Chihuahua Tattoos


These pint-sized chihuahua tattoos make a big impact.

The chihuahua dog gets its name from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico where they are believed to have descended from the Techichi. It is considered the world’s smallest dog breed.

In the early-2000s Paris Hilton would carry her pet chihuahua, Tinkerbell everywhere with her. Now, as Paris Hilton’s popularity wanes and tattoos are all the rage, people are getting chihuahuas tattooed on their bodies.


Bronte Evans


Alexis Vargas

Salla Koppanen

Alayna Magnan


Tom Wagstaff


Abbie Williams

Jamie Mahood

Kitty Dearest


Zach Beckett


And, here’s a bonus five tattoos, just because…

Alejandra Hernandez


Aleksandra Jasmin

Miss Quartz

Aimee Bray



Originally published June 2016 for Tattoodo –