13 Horrifying Friday the 13th Tattoos

Ch Ch Ch…Ah Ah Ah…

Can you hear it? That sound can only mean one thing: it’s Friday the 13th!

Steer clear of Camp Crystal Lake and spend some time on my blog checking out these truly terrifying Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees tattoos.


Color realism Jason Voorhees tattoo by Mick Squires.


Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask in black and grey by David Jorquera.


Jason Voorhees and the decaying decapitated head of his mother. Tattoo by Paul Acker.


Jason’s signature hockey mask in black and grey by Broc Piazza.


Jason Voorhees is coming for you… Tattoo by Paul Acker.


This Jason Voorhees/Friday the 13th tattoo by Eathan Langford is ch ch ch ah ah ah-mazing.


Blood splattered Jason Voorhees tattoo by Javier Antunez.


Jason Voorhees all chained up in ‘Jason X’. Tattoo by Paul Acker.



Traditional style Friday the 13th inspired tattoo by Michael Manfred.



[Work in progress] Black and grey Friday the 13th back piece by Jens Bergström.

Neo traditional Jason Voorhees tattoo by Didac Gonzalez.


A bloody Jason Voorhees hockey mask by Domantas Parvainis.


Jason Voorhees tattoo by @dimitris_v_tattooer


You’ve seen 13 of my favourite Friday the 13th inspired tattoos, and now here’s my favourite scene from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. So gory. So good.

Which installment of the Friday the 13th movie franchise is your favourite?

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