13 Handsome Husky Tattoos


With their hypnotic gaze and smiling faces, it’s hard to resist the charms of a husky, even if it is just a tattoo.

There are various breeds of these dogs, but husky is the general name for sled-type dogs. Huskies are known to howl rather than bark. That trait and their markings are due to the sharing of genetics with the gray wolf.

Their energetic and athletic nature made them (perfectly) suited to fulfilling the role of sled dogs in both Inuit and Siberian cultures. A thick double coat of fur keeps them insulated in the freezing climate.

For the most part, the husky is now kept as a pet, rather than as a working dog. If you own a husky, or if the husky is your favorite dog breed, you’ll definitely love this selection of husky tattoos!


Zeke Yip

Gero Suarez

Raul Cuadrado

Anubis Lok

Benjamin Laukis

Hayley Blackwood

Pasha Chewits

George Paunescu


Sean Guthrie

Elena Garcia


Sasha Kiseleva


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