13 Garlic Bulb Tattoos For All You Garlic Fiends


Now you can enjoy garlic without the bad breath.

Like with any tattoo, we all have our reasons for getting them – it could be as a memorial, a memory of an event, a form of self-expression, or simply because it’s something we enjoy, which is generally the category that food tattoos fall into. As a common recipe ingredient, garlic is as much as part of our lives as anything else we may choose to tattoo on our bodies so, in theory, a garlic tattoo is not so odd after all.

A garlic tattoo might not scare off any vampires, but perhaps it could distract them enough for you to make a getaway. Vampires are a real thing, right?


Sonia Tessari

Perichaud Pierre

Somik Galya

Will Pacheco

Danny Potter

Diana DeAugustine

Melissa Fusco

Nikos Tsakiris

Cate Webb

Ans Pham

Steve Fournier

Diana DeAugustine

Nancy Tattooer

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