11 Vibrant Hibiscus Tattoos


A beautiful flower steeped in cultural significance makes some awesome hibiscus tattoo.

The hibiscus flower is significant to many countries and cultures. It is the national flower of Haiti, South Korea and Malaysia, and the state flower of Hawaii. Specifically, the red hibiscus is the flower of the Hindu goddess, Kali.

In certain species of hibiscus, the flowers actually change color over time.

The hibiscus also serves several other purposes. The flowers can be dried or candied and consumed as food. More popular is the making of hibiscus tea throughout various African countries.

The following tattoos celebrate the beauty and cultural significance of the hibiscus. Whether the flower holds a deep meaning to you, or you just admire its beauty, you’ll be inspired by these vibrant pieces and maybe you will find a design for your next hibiscus tattoo.




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