11 Tantalizing Tulip Tattoos


When you give a tattoo free artistic reign with a tulip tattoo beautiful things can happen.

When thinking of tulips, the first thing that comes to mind is the Netherlands with its windmills and huge fields covered in rows upon rows of tulips. However, tulips were actually originally found in Persia as long ago as the 10th century.

Tulips are now found all around the world, so it’s no surprise that they would make an appearance in the tattoo world. Flowers make for such lovely tattoos and tulips are no different.

I’ve yet to see a full sleeve of tulips, but the artists responsible for these tattoos below have taken what is such an unassuming and slightly plain looking flower and made them their own.

These tattoo artists have taken the essence of the tulip and applied it to almost every tattoo style you can imagine. Don’t just get a flower tattoo, be inspired by these tantalizing tulips and get a piece of art.


June Jung


Laura Koski

Sandro Stagnitta

Jean Gaia

Thiago Fernandes

Edoardo Polimanti

Sara Liverani

Katy Berinkey

Tyler Wood

Sven Eigengrau


Originally published July 2016 for Tattoodo – https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/07/11-tantalizing-tulip-tattoos/