11 Sweet Tattoos For National Doughnut Day


The first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day, and you certainly do-nut want to miss these tattoos.

There are thousands upon thousands of tattoos of these sweet, doughy treats online. I often imagine that Homer Simpson would get an entire sleeve of different flavoured doughnuts – if he were into tattoos, and an actual person.

For you today, I’ve just pulled all the doughnut tattoos from my computer and compiled them here for you.


Roberto Euan

Meredith Little Sky

Natalie Morguette

Steven Compton

Sean Gardner

Josh Cornelius

Miss Quartz

Sean Gardner

Kate Holt

Brodie Pedersen – The Leisure Bandit

Mewo Llama


Don’t leave just yet, there’s more food tattoos for you to view here.


And, if you’re still hungry for more, check out the #donuttattoo or #doughnuttattoo hashtagx on Instagram.

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