11 Sweet Fruit Bat Tattoos


Don’t be scared! There’s nothing sweeter than a fruit bat, except maybe these tattoos!

Forget what you think you know about bats, because fruit bats are quite different to their creepy cousins.

Megabats are most commonly known as fruit bats due to their diet of primarily fruit and flower nectar. They’re generally found in tropical and subtropical areas of the world. They have a keen sense of sight and smell and do not use echolocation, like other bat species.

These guys don’t want to scare you or to feast on your blood – they’re all about the sweet things in life. A fruit bat might just be the perfect cute but slightly creepy addition to your tattoo collection.


Clare Clarity

Lauren Jayne Gow

Tan Van Den Broek

Rebecca Bertelwick

Currar Whitham Field

Torie Wartooth

Aaron Piechocinski

Marie Cox

Yogi Barrett

Ben Carlisle

En Tattooer


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