11 Striking Leopard Tattoos


Can you spot your favorite?

Despite being found in eastern and southern Asia, and in Africa, the leopard is listed as vulnerable species. Its habitat is being destroyed and they’re being hunted (almost to extinction) for their beautiful spotted fur coats. If only these people knew how to appreciate the leopard’s natural beauty without killing them – one way would be with a tattoo.

Leopard tattoos are not found in the same abundance as lions or tigers, but I’ve found you eleven of the best. And, while many may think that leopard print clothing is tacky, there’s nothing tacky about wearing these striking leopard tattoos.


Led Coult

Tilly Dee

Tater Tatts

Shio Zaragoza

Nancy Mietzi

Lewis Parkin

Jean Le Roux

Jackson May

Isis Mayan

Shane Knapp

Alex Candela


Originally posted December 2016 for Tattoodo –

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