11 Pleasant Puffin Tattoos


Catch them before they fly south for the Winter!

When picturing what a puffin is, think of a penguin that can fly with a colorful toucan-like beak. There are two species: the tufted and horned puffins are native to the North Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Puffin from the North Atlantic Ocean.

During their breeding season, the puffin actually develops their brightly colored beak which then sheds once the breeding season concludes. Puffins beat their wings up to 400 times per minute which is comparable to certain species of hummingbirds.

Iceland has the biggest puffin population with upwards of 10 million puffins calling their country home. Puffins inhabit areas of North America and Europe but will migrate south to places such as Japan and even Morocco in North Africa for the Summer – they’re quite the world travelers.

A puffin chick is also referred to as a puffling – how cute is that? Perhaps not quite as cute as these puffin tattoos.


Holly Wood

Nancy Mietzi

Maaika De Jong

Lille Hilde

John Mendoza

Billy Baca

Lewis S Davies

Paul Reed

Monica Gomes


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