11 Outrageous Orangutan Tattoos


One of the world’s most intelligent primates in a variety of tattoo styles.

The orangutan is one of only two great apes native to Asia. There are two species of orangutan: the Bornean and the Sumatran. They spend the majority of their time up in the trees eating fruit. It may seem like the good life, but we cannot forget that orangutans are critically endangered due to their rainforest habitats being destroyed.
If you’re fascinated by these great apes, why not get yourself an orangutan tattoo? I’ve compiled some of the best orangutan tattoos in a range of styles. Take a look and wait for the ideas and inspiration to hit…



Ashley Newton

Brendan Boz


Craig Watson

Jimi May

Joanne Baker

Joanne Baker

Mark Walker

Matej Martius

Michael Walker

Matt Damson

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