11 Lit (And Extinguished) Candle Tattoos

With my birthday just a few short weeks away, I’m reminded about just how much I despise anything birthday-related. Even from a young age, every year my birthday came around I grew to dread it more and more.

While you scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see people celebrating their Birthday Weekend (or even an entire week!), I honestly couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing less than making a big deal about my birthday. I don’t like presents. I don’t like birthday cake. I don’t like forcing people to hang out with me simply because it’s my birthday.

I may come across as the most boring and miserable person, BUT there is one thing which I like about birthdays: the smell of extinguished birthday candles.

Forget a lit scented candle, I’m all about the scent of a recently blown out birthday (or plain old, unscented) candle. And, since I’m also all about all things tattoos, here are some of my favourite lit (and extinguished) candle tattoos!


Black and grey skull and candle sleeve by JP Alfonso.



Neo traditional candle tattoo by Jasmin Austin.


Black and grey lit candles by Matt Mrowka.



Black and grey extinguished candle tattoo by Lee Banks.



Dotwork light bulb candle tattoo by Meredith Little Sky.


Neo trad burning the candle at both ends tattoo by David Swambo.


Color realism skull, candle and books piece by Randy Engelhard.


Skeleton hand and melting candle tattoo by Emmanuel Mendoza.


Linework candle tattoo by Eve.


Neo traditional candle in a decorative frame tattoo by Sophie Lewis.


Rich black and grey extinguished candle tattoo by JP Alfonso.


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