11 Fetching German Shepherd Tattoos


One of the top dog breeds in the US and UK is a popular tattoo choice.

Also known as Alsatians in Britain, the German Shepherd dog breed originated in Germany. Its name is quite literal, as they were a dog used in Germany to act as a shepherd, herding and protecting sheep.

Considered a newer breed of dog, unlike others which have been documented in history for centuries, the German Shepherd’s origin dates to 1899.

German Shepherds are known for their intelligence, ranking only behind border collies and poodles. The police and military have used them to find drugs and explosives or to track down assailants. German Shepherd’s have also worked in film, with two of the most famous dogs, Strongheart and Rin Tin Tin, receiving stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

They’re not as common as labradors or golden retrievers, but a small percentage of guide dogs for the vision-impaired are actually German Shepherds. They possibly have better attention spans than some humans, with the ability to focus on a task without being distracted.

Those of you that have had German Shepherds as pets may consider getting a tattoo to immortalize your four-legged friend. Get inspired by the varied styles of these German Shepherd tattoos.


German Shepherd tattoo by Marshall

Colour realism German Shepherd piece by Antonio Venturetti

Painterly colour realism German Shepherd tattoo by Jose Thor

Traditional German Shepherd hand tattoo by Katie Trojan

Watercolour German Shepherd tattoo by Ariel Fender

German Shepherd puppy tattoo by Christopher Henriksen

Black and grey German Shepherd tattoo by Jon Tran

German Shepherd pet portrait by Sam Garcia

Geometric German Shepherd tattoo by Antonio Cerra

New school German Shepherd tattoo by Tony Ciavarro

Dotwork mandala German Shepherd tattoo by Blakey Tattooer


Originally published June 2016 for Tattoodo – https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/06/11-fetching-german-shepherd-tattoos/