11 Badass Bull Terrier Tattoos

They may not be the prettiest breed, but dog owners’ love knows no boundaries.

The bull terrier breed was developed from the Old English Bulldog and Old English Terriers in the 19th century. The name bull terrier sounds quite aggressive, however, they’re said to have similar temperaments to golden retrievers. This fun-loving and courageous dog breed has found itself in loving homes around the world.

Bull terriers have a long history in pop culture. Nancy Drew from Carolyn Keene’s mystery novels had a pet bull terrier. Target’s mascot is a bull terrier called Bullseye. In addition to these references, bull terriers have been mentioned in various other publications and featured in television shows and movies. And now they get the tattoo treatment…


Linda Iacono

Scissors Tattoo

Vincenzo Bruno

Maija Arminen

Toni Nova

Abbie Williams

Alex Irene


El Pompa Tattooer

Francesco di Brigida



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