11 Australian Artists Doing Traditional Japanese Tattoos Justice


From one-off pieces to leg and arm sleeves, back pieces, and even body suits – these tattooers can do it all.

Looking to get a Japanese style tattoo but don’t live in Japan? Never fear, there are quite a few Australians who do the Japanese style of tattooing justice. Here are my favorites, some of whom are on my tattoo artist wishlist.


Rhys Gordon – Little Tokyo Temple of Art, New South Wales


Adam Kitamoto – Ten-Ten Tattoo, Victoria


HORISUMI Kian Forreal – Authent/Ink Tattoo Studio, New South Wales


Ryan Ussher – Lighthouse Tattoo, New South Wales


Matt Cunnington – Westside Tattoo, Queensland


Matt Deverson – Progression Tattoo, South Australia


Trevor McStay – Dynamic Tattoo, Victoria


Rory Pickersgill – Foothills Tattoo, Western Australia


Blake Santos – Phresh Ink, Queensland


William Yoneyama – Blacktide Tattoo, Victoria


Rob Abell – Melbourne Tattoo Company, Victoria



Originally published October 2016 for Tattoodo – https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/10/11-australian-artists-doing-traditional-japanese-tattoos-justice/