10 Phantas-tic ‘Phantasm’ Tattoos

I imagine there’s a silver sphere coming for me after the pitiful wordplay I used in the title of this blog post. Although, in my defence, there’s a blog post on phantasm.com which refers to fans of Phantasm as “phans” – love it or leave it.

According to this article Phantasm was re-titled The Never Dead in Australia to avoid confusion with another film franchise of the same name, but with different spelling. Over the years, when video stores were still a thing, I feel as though I made my way through almost the entirety of the horror movie section and I can’t ever recall seeing copies of The Never Dead/Phantasm.



It was only within the last couple of years that I was introduced to these movies, when Phantasm was discussed on the What Say You? podcast. I watched a few clips on YouTube and, having enjoyed what I saw, I figured I would get around to watching the films some day. Fast forward a couple of years and I ordered a few DVDs from Amazon for Christmas, and the 5-movie Phantasm collection just so happened to be one of them.

I’m only one movie into the series, but the Tall Man may rival another favourite undertaker of mine: wrestling’s The Undertaker.



During my recent Halloween tattoo series I came across a few Phantasm tattoos – I guess now is the right time to put them together in a post. Let’s keep things spooky all year round.

There are plenty of Phantasm fans making their presence known on social media, with thousands of images and video clips from the series being posted, along with photos of their horror movie and figurine collections. When it comes to Phantasm themed tattoos, you’re not going to find much. There’s tens of thousands of tattoos of more mainstream horror icons, but the Tall Man is a forgotten figure. With the slim pickings that I had to choose from I somehow managed to put together this list of the top 10 Phantasm tattoos.














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