10 Haunting Michael Myers Tattoos


The masked murderer, silent, deadly, super-human, and emotionless – with a brother like Michael Myers, mine doesn’t seem so bad after all…

Following almost four decades of terror, ten movies and a little over one-thousand tattoos posted online, Michael Myers is making his presence felt outside that one particular  day of the year.

People are often divided about the Rob Zombie reboot, but I enjoyed the direction and his vision, plus the added blood and gore really added to the terror. No matter which installment of Halloween is your favourite or most hated, it’s one of those horror movie franchises that will continue to scare for decades to come.

No horror movie sleeve or back piece is complete with a Michael Myers or Halloween-inspired tattoo. Check out the images below for some inspiration.



Edgar Ivanov

Broc Piazza

Shane Murphy

Jordan Baker


Ron Russo

Ron Russo

Ick Abrams

Braden Selkirk

Shane Murphy



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