10 Graceful Giraffe Tattoos


Beautiful neo traditional, watercolor and realistic renditions of this giant African animal.

Roaming the desert plains of Africa, the giraffe is world’s tallest living animal – they can grow up to 19 feet tall. Their neck alone is longer than height of an average human and even most professional basketball players. Their long necks assist them in reaching food on tall trees, but they’re also utilized by male giraffes to fight one another and establish dominance.

A giraffe’s neck is not the only long part about them – their 18 inch long tongue is used to grasp foliage. Unlike many mammals, their tongue is not pink but a purplish color which protects it from sunburn.


Isobel Juliet Stevenson

Ben Thomas

Smel Wink

Jake Tattoo

Jess Rocha

Julian Tiger Style

Chris Griffin

Josh Elkins

Marie Terry

Adrian Bascur


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