1, 2, Freddy Krueger is Coming for You…and Your Tattoo, Too!


Creepy Freddy Krueger tattoos to give you nightmares.

There’s only one thing scarier than a Freddy Krueger tattoo and that’s all the horrible Freddy Krueger tattoos that are out there. But don’t panic, because I’ve selected only the best of the best.

There’s no guarantee that a Nightmare On Elm Street tattoo will keep Freddy out of your dreams/nightmares, but perhaps it could distract him long enough for you to escape.

However, for the unlucky ones, he might just cut the tattoo off and keep it as a souvenir.


Mia Sublime

Eddie Stacey

Dero Arbuz

Thom Rein

Aaron Norton

Javier Antunez

Alexander Slobodyan

James Donovan

Jason Morrow

Joe K Worrall

Khail Aitken

Tater Tatts

Megan Fell

Harley Kirkwood

Rob Forrer

Angel de Mayo


Originally published October 2016 for Tattoodo –¬†https://www.tattoodo.com/a/2016/10/1-2-freddy-krueger-is-coming-for-you-and-your-tattoo-too/